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“GreenVoice” is an online forum for sharing global success stories and strategies related to environmental sustainability, encouraging collaboration, and serving as a case studies repository.

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Global Goals

We are The Agent of Earth

“GreenVoice” is an online platform that I founded to serve as a hub for sharing success stories, actions, and opinions related to environmental sustainability. It covers a wide range of topics, including research on cases such as China’s coal mines, the conservation of the Kekexili Nature Reserve, Japan’s nuclear wastewater management, Ohio’s chemical spill incident, and the preservation of U.S. national parks.
Our goal is to facilitate the exchange of experiences and initiatives, making them transferable across borders and industries while also fostering collaboration and providing guidance for a more sustainable world. 

Project We Worked on now

Camera Trap Monitoring

Forest Rejuventation

Kelp Forest Replanting

How We work

Haiyu Gao

Political Scientist

Founder of the GreenVoice program, dedicated to environmental improvement utilizing political measurements.


Environmental Scientist

Environmentalist, devoted to government relations and pollution protest.


Biology Scientist

Studied biodiversity and committed to its protection.

Purpose & Impact

GreenVoice is a platform for discussing and sharing ideas on environmental sustainability. People, groups, and governments can talk about their experiences and solutions. We use examples from China, Japan, Ohio, and the U.S. to offer lessons.

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